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Still Updating

There are two photographs taking up the coveted #1 spot on the 'Kylie for Tea' site. I took these on nightshift tonight at Sunderland Station. The pic above is proof of my whereabouts...... the other was some graffiti just to the right of the sign.

I bet his parents are sooooooooooo proud !!!

FREEFORMFREAKOUTORGANISATION UK One of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two web users.

Want to take the space ? then send your pics to the link below.(Ladies, flesh wins it everytime!!)
C'mon what ya got to lose ?

The shape of things to come.

Probably circular, but I'll let you all know. Breaking's triangular this week!

Notice of Site Enhancements

As those who visit on a regular basis will be more than aware, my site updates are about as regular as a constipated elephant seal.
This aside, thanks to all the FFFO staff who obviously have no work to do as they spend most of their time leaving me messages. You can too... by clicking on the link. This way I can enhance the site to make it more enhanced and thus letting me remove the heading 'notice of site enhancements'.
(This notice is sponsored by the 'Society for the Protection of Universal Notices - Korea)

Updates finally started today......25/05/05


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Competition Time !!

1st mail that I bother to read after the competition deadline will win. However as this is a non profit making site, the prize may be an'e-prize'
Anyone who wishes to receive blatant free advertising or similar can provide a crap prize in return. Deadline is soon and any correspondance will probably be entered into. The editor's decision is almost final, that is unless you put a good argument forward, in which case i'll ask my mam or something.
Catchphrase has gone for the moment.....

The current competition is to guess the IQ of this weeks graffiti artist . As usual, there are very few rules, please read above.

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